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What are the best hotels in Rome?

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Links to the best hotels, guest houses and other accommodations in Rome. What are the best hotels in this Italian city?

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Tips for hotels in Rome

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Budget-Hotels (60 - 80 euro) Middle class hotels (80 - 120 euro) Luxury hotels (120 euro + )
Dante's in Vaticano MiRhome Guesthouse Pension Navona Rooms
Vatican Garden Rooms Ale & Niki's Home Vittoriano Luxury Suites
Roma sogno infinito Xenia Guest House Rhea Silvia Luxury Navona
Domus Flaviae Residenza Adriana Harry's Bar Trevi Hotel
Julius Caesar 183 Vatica B&B Roma Princeps Boutique Hotel

The neighbourhoods of Rome

1. Monti

This is the hippest neighbourhood of Rome with countless nice restaurants and bars. You will also find trendy boutique shops, antique stores and a vintage market. The neighbourhood with its winding alleyways is located near the Colosseum, making it the perfect place to stay when visiting Rome. The beating heart of this trendy neighbourhood at night is the Piazza Madonna dei Monti square

2. Trastevere

Particularly in the evenings, Trastevere is the most fun place to be in Rome. This authentic Italian neighbourhood is full of restaurants and bars (if you are looking for a quiet hotel, this would not be the most tranquil district with all the entertainment it offers). A major disadvantage of this Trastevere neighbourhood is that it is not situated conveniently in terms of the metro lines, meaning you have to rely on buses to take you to the sights.

3. Rione Trevi

The neighbourhood around the Trevi Fountain with many churches and palaces. This is the neighbourhood that will give you the most romantic feeling Rome has to offer, and the adjacent metro line is not very far.

Historic city centre

You can also choose to stay in one of the districts of the historic city centre, near the Pantheon and other attractions (green districts on the map). The downside of these neighbourhoods is that they are not as close to the metro lines, but if you plan to explore the city mostly on foot, these neighbourhoods are conveniently centrally located.

neighbourhoods romeThe neighbourhoods of Rome (edited from
Vat = Vatican City, Col = Colosseum, Tre = Trevi Fountain, Pan = Pantheon
1 = Monti neighbourhood, 2 = Trastevere, 3 = Trevi neighbourhood
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