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Campo de' Fiori in Rome

The square with the most famous market in Rome

Campo de' Fiori Rome

The Piazza Campo de'Fiori is a square with the most famous market in the old center of Rome. In the evening it is very lively and cozy around Campo de'Fiori with all the bars near this square.

Campo de' Fiori market

Literally translated, Campo de 'Fiori means 'field of flowers', a name derived from the Middle Ages when the area was still a meadow full of flowers. It is a misunderstanding that the name of the rectangular square is derived from the flower market that frequently takes place here. The square is very lively and colorful in the morning because of the daily fresh market with flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables (monday to saturday). In the evening (especially by tourists) there is a lot of drinking on the terraces and in the bars around the lively square. The square is not far from the famous Piazza Navona, a square which in my opinion is much more worth a visit than this overrated Camp de 'Fiori.

Campo de'FioriMarket at Piazza Campo de'Fiori
Campo de'Fiori RomeThe statue of Giordano Bruno at Campo de'Fiori

Giordano Bruno statue

Executions used to be held at Campo de 'Fiori. For example, in 1600 philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned alive for heresy. Exactly on the site of his death is now a statue from 1889, in which he faces the Vatican (he was considered a martyr for the freedom of thought). The inscription on the base reads: - A BRUNO - IL SECOLO DA LUI DIVINATO - QUI DOVE IL ROGO ARSE - ("For Bruno - the century he predicted - here where the fire was burning"). Special fact about this square is that it is the only square in the center of Rome without a church.

Activities near Piazza Camp dei Fiori

📌 Tip: A fun way to discover the surroundings of Campo de'Fiori is with a food tour. For example, last visit to Rome I booked this street food tour with a guide, an entertaining evening walk. Local specialties can be tasted in combination with interesting stories about the old center of Rome:

Where is Piazza Campo de 'Fiori in Rome?

Piazza Campo de Fiori
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