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Best day trips from Rome

What to do near Rome Italy? - 12x best day trips, tours and excursions

Day trips from Rome

What to do and places of interest in the Rome region? Tips for experiencing the best day tours, excursions and day trips from Rome Italy.

12x Excursions and day trips from Rome

Rome is a fantastic city that itself offers a wealth of history, architecture, cultural experiences, art and a lot things to do. However, the Rome region has several hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, making a day trip the ideal way to explore the area. In the Rome region you will find various nice places such as the villas of Tivoli, the Roman Via Appia, the excavations of the ancient port city of Ostia Antica or take a day trip to other highlights in Italy such as Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. There is so much to do around Rome; the availability of countless fun day trips from Rome Italy makes the city the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip, both for young and old. The 12 Best tours and day trips from Rome:

1. Villa d’Este & Adriana in Tivoli (29 km)

What to do near RomeDay trip from Rome: the pretty gardens around Villa d'Este in Tivoli
Excursions from RomeRemains of Hadrian's Roman villa

Tivoli is a town located 29 kilometers east of Rome in the Lazio region of central Italy. Tivoli is hidden deep in the green mountains of the Monti Tiburtini. Tivoli is easy to reach by train from Rome. The city has countless attractions that will undoubtedly enchant you. Main reasons to visit Tivoli are the classic villas full of history, enchanting gardens and rich culture. Popular points of interest in Tivoli include Villa d'Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana.

A beautiful garden and a Renaissance palace await you at Villa d'Este, while at Villa Adriana you can admire the Roman remains of the former home of Emperor Hadrian. Another well-known villa that you can explore if you come to Tivoli a day trip from Rome is Villa Gregoriana. At Villa Gregoriana you can view the large waterfalls in the beautifully landscaped gardens. Tivoli is an easy day tour from Rome (book your Tivoli day trip now) and a true paradise for culture buffs and nature lovers.

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2. Cycling on the Appian Way (7 km)

Excursion Via AppiaVia Appia, the ancient Roman road
Via Appia catacomben RomeTomb of Caecilia Metella near Rome

You can experience ancient Rome in a great way by cycling the Via Appia, just over ten kilometers away from Rome city centre. The Appia is one of the oldest access roads to the city. If you choose to go on a bike ride, it feels like traveling through time. You cycle past historical and cultural sights and you can view various highlights. In addition, at the Via Appia you can also explore the impressive Catacombs of San Callisto, where the early Christian community buried its dead.

📌 Tip: The best way to discover the Via Appia is with a comfortable bike tour (more info and booking of bike tours). You will learn more about the history of Rome as you travel the Via Appia Antica and you will come across numerous majestic aqueducts, catacombs and ancient tombs.

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3. Ostia Antica (30 km)

day tours from RomeOstia Antica, an easy day trip from Rome
Things to do around RomeDay trip to the Roman excavations of the port city

Only 30 kilometers from Rome, there is a fascinating historical destination: Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica. In Ostia Antica you will come across the excavations of the ancient Roman port city. During this day trip from Rome you will learn everything about the impressive Roman remains. You can also walk for hours between the Roman excavations. Ostia Antica was once the bustling port city of ancient Rome. This full-day trip by train to Ostia Antica offers travelers the chance to wander peacefully among the ancient ruins and learn about the history and daily life of explore ancient Rome. An additional advantage is that this day tour can also be easily combined with a visit to the nearby beach of Lido di Ostia, one of the most popular beaches around Rome.

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4. Castel Gandolfo (25 km)

Tours from RomeThe Pope's summer residence as a side trip from Rome
castel gandolfo from RomeVisit the Vatican Villa Castel Gandolfo (Source: ©Vatican)

A unique destination awaits just 25 kilometers southeast of Rome. We're talking about Castel Gandolfo, a picturesque town known for the Pope's summer residence, the 'Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo'. Castel Gandolfo is located on the verdant Alban Hills and has a population of just 8,000. The town is easy to reach, for example by train, but also as an organized day trip from Rome. The highlight of Castel Gandolfo is without a doubt the papal summer residence. You can explore the Apostolic Palace, the Villa Cybo and the Villa Barberini, among others. This unique villa complex in Castel Gandolfo offers travelers the chance to experience papal life and enjoy the town's beautiful surroundings. For visiting the palace it is useful to book your tickets in advance.

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Day trips further away from Rome

5. Excursion to Pompeii (241 km)

PompeiiThe Pompeii Temple of Jupiter with Mount Vesuvius in the background
Day trip to Pompei ItalyPompeii as an excursion from Rome

Pompeii is located 241 kilometers south of Rome and is one of the most impressive day trips from Rome Italy. Pompeii is an archaeological treasure where you learn all about an ancient Roman city and its intact remains which lay under volcanic ash and pumice for centuries after the eruption of nearby Vesuvius. Pompeii is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A day trip to Pompeii can be combined with a climb of the Vesuvius volcano or with a guided tour of the neighboring city of Naples. You will have the chance to climb Mount Vesuvius and enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples. For a smooth day trip from Rome, it is best to use organized day tours with a comfortable bus. You can choose from the following day trips from Rome:

6. Amalfi Coast Tour (273 km)

Amalfi Coast Tour from RomeAtrani on a day trip to the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi coast day toursVisiting Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Another recommendation while in Rome is to take a full-day tour of the Amalfi Coast. At 273 kilometers south of Rome you will find this Amalfi Coast, an area full of beautiful cliffs, picturesque villages and pearly white beaches with blue waters. A must-see highlight of this full-day tour is Positano. Positano is a picturesque town nestled against the hills, with several narrow alleys and colorful houses, combined with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

📌 Tip: This organized full day tour of the Amalfi Coast is an ideal way to experience this famous coastline, giving you the opportunity to explore the different places of the Amalfi Coast in a relaxed way to discover. Some of these excursions are combined with a visit to Pompeii.

7. Florence (275 km)

Florence day tours from RomePiazza della Signoria in Florence
Excursion FlorenceThe famous Duomo of Florence Italy

Located 275 kilometers north of Rome is the beautiful city of Florence, one of Italy's most culturally rich destinations. This day trip offers travelers the opportunity to discover the rich history and cultural highlights of Florence, even if you only have one day to explore the region. In Florence you can enjoy numerous historical sites and works of art, including the iconic Duomo, the Uffizi Museum and the Ponte Vecchio. When you take a walk on the cobbled streets, you can immediately admire the impressive architecture and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city. Another highlight in Florence is visiting the Galleria dell'Accademia, where you can admire Michelangelo's famous sculpture 'David'. You can visit Florence with the high-speed train, which takes you to the city in just over an hour and a half from the train station in Rome.

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8. Rest of Tuscany

excursions tuscanyTake a day trip to Tuscany from Rome
rome regionThe town of San Gimignano in Tuscany

An hour and a half drive north of Rome is Tuscany, a region known for its beautiful landscapes. Tuscany is filled with hills and vineyards, but also with charming villages. Several day trips offer an escape from the bustle of Rome and the chance to experience the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside. For example, the day tour will allow you to visit the most picturesque places, including Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa. Here you can enjoy medieval architecture, historic squares and well-known sights such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A highlight of other day trips is, for example, a wine tasting in this Chianti region, where you can enjoy the delicious Tuscan cuisine and local wines in a picturesque setting (see more excursions in Tuscany).

9. Orvieto & Assisi (121 km)

The beautiful cities of Orvieto and Assisi are located 121 kilometers north of Rome. These are cities brimming with history, spirituality, culture and architecture. This fun day trip from Rome offers an escape from Italy's bustling capital while also giving you the opportunity to explore the culture of these unique cities. On this full-day tour from Rome, you will have the chance to admire the huge Cathedral of Orvieto, a well-known cathedral perched on a hilltop. You can also admire the picturesque landscapes and hills as you travel between Orvieto and Assisi. You can also visit the beautiful Catholic Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi. Booking a day tour to Orvieto and Assisi (more info and booking day trips) is the ideal way to escape the bustle of Rome and enjoy the beautiful nature at the same time of the environment.

10. Italian Islands: Capri or Ponza

Tours RomeCapri, the island that is ideal to visit with a boat trip
Day tours capriThe picturesque island of Capri

If you're looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome, the Italian islands of Capri and Ponza offer the perfect solution. At quite a distance from the city are the Pontic Islands. These are islands where you can enjoy the sun, crystal clear waters, relaxation, conviviality and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are several boat trips that take you to these Italian islands during 1 day, including the island of Ponza. Here you can snorkel, swim and enjoy local seafood. For a different island experience, you can choose to explore the popular island of Capri. This day trip to Capri offers the opportunity to discover the panoramic views and charming streets of Capri. You can walk through the winding alleys and admire the famous Blue Grotto cave. Both islands offer an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome. These day trips from Rome are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the Italian islands. Choose the island you want to visit below:

11. Etruscan City of the Dead in Cerveteri (44 km)

The fascinating Etruscan City of the Dead in Cerveteri is only 44 kilometers from Rome. During this day tour experience the mysterious Etruscan civilization while exploring the entire region. The town of Cerveteri is known for its impressive necropolis, where you can walk among ancient tombs and burial chambers carved into the rock. In addition, during this day tour to Cerveteri learn all about Etruscan life and their beliefs about death. You will also learn about the unique architecture of the burial chambers and about the rituals and traditions that were practiced there in ancient times.

12. Bracciano (47 km)

The charming town of Bracciano is only 47 kilometers northwest of Rome. You can enjoy the serene surroundings of Lake Bracciano during this day trip. Surrounded by scenic hills, the picturesque town offers a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for travelers looking to get away for the day. A highlight of a visit to Bracciano is the castle of Odescalchi, which rises high above the town. This medieval castle is known for its beautiful architecture and historical significance, as it once served as the venue for many a well-known wedding. In addition to the castle, you can also enjoy a stroll along the picturesque streets of Bracciano where you can explore local shops, restaurants and cafes.

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