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Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini

A Virtual Reality tour through a Roman house

Domus Romane Rome

Under the Palazzo Valentini is a hidden gem, namely the remains of two Roman houses including their baths. During an augmented reality tour, the excavations come to life with animations and virtual reconstructions.

Info Domus Romane

Address Via Foro Traiano 85, Rome (opposite the huge column of Trajan)
Metro Line B to stop Colosseo, then another 10 minutes walk
  • Tickets (Virtual tour), from 13.50 € (Book your tour)
  • Tickets (Virtual tour) + Multimedia Video, from 27 € (Book your tour)
  • 6 – 17 years, from 9.50 €
  • 0 - 5 years free entrane
Attention: For security reasons, there is limited access in small groups. It is therefore highly recommended to make a reservation (especially in high season). You do pay a small surcharge for the reservation, but that does guarantee you a visit. Reservations can easily be made via this website.
Opening hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Notice Large bags and backpacks are not allowed on the tour

A virtual reality tour in Domus Romane

The 16th century Palazzo Valentini has had several functions in the past and is named after the banker and consul general Vincenzo Valentini who bought the property in 1827. The palace has been the seat of the province of Rome since 1873. However, this is no reason to visit the property. The reason for your visit is the hidden gem found by accident seven meters below the Palazzo Valentini in 2005; almost 1900 m2 of well-preserved remains of a former Roman private bath house and two residences ("Domus Romane") of powerful families from the imperial era, which were beautifully decorated with mosaics, marble and wall decorations.

Visit Domus Romana of Palacio Valentini

After years of restoration by art historians and archaeologists, the site is now open to the public, in a very special way. Not only can you see the remains of the complex under a glass floor, but during an augmented reality tour the excavations come to life with computer animations and virtual reconstructions. One and a half hour you will take a virtual tour of the rooms, walls and baths, where you will imagine yourself in ancient Rome. At the end of the tour of Domus Romane you will also get more information about Trajan's Column which is opposite the Palazzo Valentini and where you will have a good photo opportunity.

This Domus Romane is interesting for both young and old, especially because it can only be visited in small groups and allows you to escape the mass tourism of Rome. It is strongly recommended to book your tour in advance for this relatively new, yet old attraction.

Tip: Does the virtual reality tour taste like more? Then visit Domus Aurea, Nero's 'Golden House', where you even travel back in time with VR glasses.

Video: Domus Romane


Where is Palazzo Valentini located in Rome?

Palazzo Valentini is next to the forum of Trajan, which is near Piazza Venezia; the square known for its striking Monument of Vittoria Emanuele.

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