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What to do in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome Italy?

Trastevere Rome

On the opposite bank of the Tiber lies the most fun and picturesque district of Rome. It is a perfect area to wander through the maze of narrow streets and for a hotel in Rome. What to do in Trastevere neighbourhood?

Info & Things to do in Trastevere Rome

Metro Trastevere cannot be conveniently reached by metro. It is best to travel there by bus, for instance using line 116, or by foot.
Fun A special way to discover Rome and especially the Trastevere neighbourhood is on this 4-hour culinary walking tour, where you will start at Campo de 'Fiori and end at Trastevere via various culinary stops.

The Trastevere neighbourhood

Located on the opposite bank of the river Tiber, south of the Vatican, is the picturesque neighbourhood Trastevere. The name Trastevere is derived from Latin, trans Tiberium; ‘beyond the Tiber’. This old working-class neighbourhood with its narrow alleyways and medieval houses is a particularly lively affair at night – thanks to the many tourists – with lots of restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias. Visit this truly Italian neighbourhood of Rome for a lovely stroll or relax on one of the many café terraces.

As far back as the days of emperor Augustus, Trastevere has been one of the city's 14 districts, and it was also walled. Several important Romans built villas in this neighbourhood, including Julius Caesar. The charming ambience of the neighbourhood with its maze of many narrow and winding streets comes from medieval times.

TrastevereThe popular neighbourhood of Trastevere
Trastevere in RomeThings to do in Trastevere district at night

What to see in Trastevere Rome?

The main attraction of the neighbourhood is simply the Italian atmosphere you can experience in this old working-class neighbourhood. Explore the narrow streets of Trastevere and marvel at the many authentic details. A number of 'Things to do in Trastevere' are:

  • Piazzi di Santa Maria in Trastevere is the beating heart of the neighbourhood. This square with the church of the same name and a fountain is a meeting place for the trasteverini. At night the area around this square is the main entertainment area in Rome.
  • The Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere: This basilica is the oldest Marian church in Rome and the main attraction of the neighbourhood. After several restorations, the basilica has retained its medieval character, in part thanks to the many authentic mosaics.
Piazzi di Santa Maria in TrastevereWhat to see in Trastevere: Piazzi di Santa Maria
Basilica Santa Maria in TrastevereBasilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere district
  • What to do in Trastevere on a Sunday? Every Sunday morning until 2 pm, Rome's most popular flea market is held at the Porta Portese, around the streets Via Portuense and Via Ippolito Nievo. It sells everything from antiques to clothing.
  • Villa Farnesina: A lovely 16th-century mansion with works by Raphael and Peruzzi surrounded by symmetrical gardens. The mansion looks fairly modest from the outside, but is wonderfully decorated on the inside in Renaissance style. The villa is one the gems of Rome that is not yet overrun by tourists. Address: Via della Lungara 230. The villa is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 14 and every second Sunday of the month, admission 9 euros. More info.
market Porta PorteseFlea market at Porta Portese
Villa FarnesinaVilla Farnesina
  • The Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere: The other basilica, dedicated to Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music, is one of the oldest churches in Rome. Here you can find 13th-century frescos by Pietro Cavallini.
  • Colle de Gianicolo: This hill is located next to the neighbourhood of Trastevere and if you have the time and energy, the tough hike up the hill is worth the effort for the great view of Rome you will have. At the foot of the hill, you will find the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola; this beautiful fountain played an important role in the film ‘La Grande Bellezza’. Once you reach the top of the hill, you will find a park with the statue of freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi on horse-back, where a cannon is fired at noon every day. You can then descent the hill on the other side, which will take you in the direction of the Vatican.
Things to do in TrastevereBasilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere
Statue Giuseppe GaribaldiStatue of Giuseppe Garibaldi

Where is the Trastevere in Rome?

Things to do in Trastevere Roma
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