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Visit the Giardini Vaticani, or the gardens of Vatican City

Vatican Gardens

The Giardini Vaticani are the gardens of Vatican City. Book tickets for the guided tour that allows you to visit the 23 hectares of the Vatican Gardens that lie behind the Vatican Museums.

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Address Via Paolo VI, 29, 00120 Città del Vaticano
Metro Cipro-Musei Vaticani (Line A)

Attention: Visiting the Vatican Gardens is only possible with a compulsory guided tour. You can book these official guided tours of the Vatican from € 40, but this usually also includes the Vatican Museums. Due to the limited places, you should always book these tours in advance (book your tour online and more availability via this website)

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  • Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Closed on Sundays

Visiting the Vatican Gardens

When most people think of the Vatican, they imagen the enormous St. Peter's Basilica, works of art and historical monuments. In the middle of it all, you can find a hidden treasure that not all people know about: the beautiful Vatican Gardens. This green oasis is located in the heart of Vatican City and can only be visited with a special tour.

The Gardens of Vatican City

The Vatican Gardens are an oasis where you can enjoy peace. These beautiful gardens are located right in the heart of the Vatican City, also known as the smallest independent state in the world. The gardens are located behind the very large walls of the Vatican. Exploring this green oasis is a unique experience, especially since the Vatican Gardens are not open to the public. The history of the Vatican Gardens goes back to the time of the Renaissance. The founder of the gardens is believed to be Pope Nicholas III (1277 to 1280) and since then popes over the centuries have contributed to its development. The Vatican Gardens were expanded and embellished by various Popes, including Pope Sixtus V and Pope Pius IX. Pope Sixtus V laid out avenues and fountains while Pope Pius IX opened the gardens to the public in the 19th century. Today the gardens are carefully maintained and protected by a team of gardeners and conservators.

Vatican gardenThe Vatican Gardens cover half of Vatican City
Giardini VaticaniVisit the Giardini Vaticani in Rome

What to see in the Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens cover approximately 23 hectares and they consist of a combination of numerous terraces, avenues, fountains and ponds. The gardens are designed in a mix of Italian and French styles, with influences from the Renaissance and Baroque. In the gardens you will find a variety of flora, beautiful flowers and exotic trees and shrubs. The most famous fountain in the Vatican Gardens is the Fountain of the Lion. The Papal Palace and the Apostolic Palaces are clearly visible in the background. In short: the Vatican Gardens are a beautiful picture that you could easily encounter on a postcard. Other places to visit include the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and even the Vatican Helipad.

Tickets Vatican Gardens & Museums

Exploring the gardens with a guide will allow you to learn more about the rich history and deeper meaning of the gardens. The best time to visit the Vatican Gardens is during spring and early summer, i.e. from April to June. During this time, the gardens are dotted with colorful flowers and it is pleasant to walk through the narrow paths. Moreover, the crowds are usually less intense than in the summer months. Please note that the gardens are not free to visit. You should always book an official tour, with the most booked guided tours also offering access to the adjacent Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel.

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Where are the Vatican Gardens in Rome?

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